Defensive Ratings vs Dallas

November 30, 2017

A scoring chance is classified by Elias Sports Bureau (the official statistics recorder for the NHL) as a shot which is taken from within the slot. While the Golden Knights out-shot the Dallas Stars on Tuesday, 8 of the 26 shots from Dallas (at even strength) were taken from within that home-plate shaped area. Shots from within the slot tend to force goalies to stretch-out spectacular saves, and while it may be entertaining to watch, means they are being hung out to dry and prevented from keeping their game simple.

The top parings of McNabb/Schmidt (3) and Theodore/Engelland (2) accounted for five of the eight while being matched against the first and second lines of Dallas. Two of the shots occurred while stuck between a line change. McNabb and Schmidt tallied three blocks and four shots while Theodore and Engelland also blocked three and put the puck on net three times.

The Hunt/Miller pairing allowed three shots from within the slot with one resulting in a goal. Additionally, they failed to block a shot while facing the bottom two lines for most of the night.



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